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Hi, we’re the Power Shoppers!

We’re wives, mothers, bloggers, gardeners, UT football fans and Food City fanatics. We have a knack for finding deals and events around town and we wanted to bring this skill to the blogosphere. So say hello to our Power Shopper Blog!

The point of this blog is to inform and inspire. Within these digital pages you’ll find information on local events, farmers markets, coupons, sports events and anything and everything that we find important enough to share with our families and friends.

Hopefully, you will view the Power Shopper Blog as a positive space with information that saves you money and helps to simplify your life. Happy shopping!


Disclaimer: This blog is sponsored by Food City. The Power Shoppers are not real people, but characters portrayed by actresses who frequently represent Food City. Content posted on this blog is generated by The Tombras Group. Food City is a client of The Tombras Group.


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