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Celebrate Earth Week with Food City

April 23, 2014 — , ,

Springtime is here, fellow power shoppers, and I’ve got the environment on my mind. No, I’m not talking about my allergies; this week is Earth Week! Food City is working hard to be more environmentally friendly all year round, and you can too!

Energy Conservation

Food City has an in-house training program that emphases reducing energy use. By sourcing locally grown produce, not only do they have the freshest, most delectable food, but it also saves 82,600 miles and 16,520 gallons of fuel each year. I’ve heard that if they trucked in their produce from California, they would burn about 17,000 additional gallons of fossil fuels. That’s some major energy savings, and you know I love my savings!


Recycling may be the simplest way to preserve the environment. At Food City, over 17% of their produce is received in reusable plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes or wax containers. 98% of Food City’s mushrooms are sold in recyclable cardboard containers rather than polystyrene, which is tough to recycle. Food City also recycles over 554 tons of plastic a year, and that includes any plastic bottles, plastic shrink-wrap and plastic shopping bags.

Food City’s recycling is endless!

  • Cardboard
  • Used clothing with our Earth Day Clothing Drive
  • Prescription drugs with our Drug Take Back
  • Prescription Stock Bottles
  • Printer Toner Cartridges
  • Used engine oil
  • Metal from oil filters
  • Printers
  • Recycled computer waste
  • Metal computer waste
  • Used ordering guns

Organic and Eco-Friendly Products

Food City’s Full Circle line makes it easy for me to spot the highest quality organics on a quick shopping trip. I especially love their giant selection of organic produce, so I always know my family is safe from pesticides and other chemicals 

Now, I’ve got some conservation tips for you!

Being more environmentally friendly is easy when you plan ahead. Here are my simple tips to get you going:

  • Turn off lights, TVs and water faucets when you leave the room
  • Carpool with family and friends, or better yet, walk or ride a bike!
  • Start using reusable tote bags when you grocery shop
  • Don’t forget that your old newspapers and magazines are easy to recycle
  • Donate your gently used clothing
  • Discard old printer cartridges in specified bins
  • Look out for Food City’s organic and eco-friendly products


Well, that’s enough from me! I’d love to hear how YOU plan to be more environmentally friendly this year. Leave a comment or tweet at @FoodCity, so we can share ideas!


Meg Jensen, Power Shopper


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