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Miss Food City Kicks Off National Nutrition Month!

March 6, 2014 — , , , , ,

I’m Kayla Neikirk, Miss Food City 2014, filling you all in on exciting things that are going on this month. Yes, we know that March means the beginning of spring and the excitement for the NASCAR race in Bristol, but did you also know that it is National Nutrition Month? For those that don’t know, I am a nutrition student at East Tennessee State University and Food City has asked me to write a series of blogs throughout National Nutrition Month! Appropriate, right?

So why is it necessary to have a month dedicated to just nutrition? According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, nutrition has been proven to be very effective in prevention of diseases, like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer! This is not only affecting our adults, but it is also affecting our children who are the future of the United States. It is incredibly important to understand that our children need to have adequate nutrition to prevent long-term health issues and numerous medications. With unsuccessful fad diets, bogus nutrition theories, and expensive weight loss programs everywhere in the media, who can save us? Who can we trust? Who will be the superhero that will save the day and ultimately save the world? *Cue drum roll* DIETITIANS!

Let me explain how registered dietitians are superheroes. Dietitians are considered nutrition experts. The concepts and beliefs of dietitians are based on actual, scientific evidence! They base their recommendations on the most CURRENT research. Lucky for Food City shoppers, there will be amazing opportunities to talk to a dietitian every Thursday for the month of March! This is the perfect opportunity to ask them your burning questions. How can you use the NuVal system? What is the best way to manage my…(insert medical issue here)? How can I sneak healthier ingredients into my family’s dinner? Not only can you ask the dietitian questions, but there will also be samples of healthy, delicious, and easy recipes that even the most inexperienced cook could prepare. This recipe will not only be nutritious for you, but preparing it will be faster than a race-car completing one lap at the Bristol Motor Speedway!

To see the dietitians, be sure to check the Food City Twitter, Facebook, and webpage for more details. You never know who you may see while you’re there! ;) Be sure to stay tuned for more nutrition advice throughout the rest of this month on the Power Shopper Blog.

Stay healthy and eat happy!

Kayla Neikirk

Miss Food City 2014


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