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Giving Back During National Nutrition Month

March 31, 2014 — , , , , , ,

Sadly, we are coming to an end for this year’s National Nutrition Month. It has been a fun and enlightening journey for me and I hope it has been the same for all of you! Like I have stated before, I am honored to be representing Food City this year at many different events. There are many things that Food City does that I am proud about, but today I want to focus on the support and encouragement Food City gives to food banks within the Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.

This topic is more on a serious note, but it is something that needs to be addressed and something that I am passionate about. Until I volunteered for Second Harvest Food Bank of NETN, I did not understand the severity of food insecurity within this area. According to the Food Bank website, they provide emergency food for an estimated 70,500 different people annually and about 10,900 different people in any given week. A large majority of these people are in poor health and are not receiving the adequate nutrition they need to prevent many illnesses. The face of hunger can be a child, adult, or an older adult and can happen to anyone at any given time. Since 2007, Second Harvest alone has seen a 56% increase in the number of households requiring emergency assistance. These statistics do not figure in local pantries that are not affiliated with Second Harvest and communities in Kentucky and Virginia. The number of people needing assistance is larger than what we can imagine.

So what can you do to help? In honor of the end of National Nutrition Month, you can give back to your community through many different ways to help fight against hunger. You can make a monetary donation, volunteer, donate food, or even donate your voice to promote the cause of fighting against hunger. I have personally volunteered many times for food banks like Second Harvest and would volunteer again in a heartbeat. Whenever someone spends time volunteering for a food pantry, it is very easy to see how imperative it is to have these organizations within our community. Food City recognizes food insecurity and continues to support Second Harvest, and other food pantries, and even partnered up with suppliers like Smithfield and ConAgra Foods to fight against hunger. With the help of Food City and their suppliers, food pantries, and all of you, we can help individuals that are in need of emergency food get adequate nutrition and help prevent illnesses.

Thank you so much for following me through our journey of National Nutrition Month! You can still follow my journey as Miss Food City 2014 by keeping in touch with Food City events through the website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hope to see you all soon. Stay healthy and eat happy!

Kayla Neikirk

Miss Food City


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