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Thanksgiving Thankfulness

November 23, 2011 — , , , ,

Remember when you were a little kid and every year at Thanksgiving you would be asked what you were thankful for and what Thanksgiving meant to you? This week I’ve been putting my children through the ringer trying to get them to share their special memories of Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for. If you have ever done this, you know their responses can be kind of interesting sometimes! This is how my family’s conversation went:

“So guys, what are you most thankful for?”

My eldest went first:

“I’m thankful for Fridays, because I don’t have to do any homework and I can play with my friends!” – J, age 9

“I’m thankful for ponies and dolphins and all of the zookeepers. Oh and for learning how to read.” –E, age 6

“I’m thankful for Goldfish (crackers), Cinderella and dancing!!!” –M, age 4

These responses were very sweet and my husband and I had to stifle little giggles. At the end of the meal, my 6-year-old, E, decided to change what she was thankful for.

“I think I want to say a new thing that I’m thankful for! I am thankful for my family and for having food and fun everyday.”

As my two other kids agreed with E’s statement, I realized that it doesn’t matter what you are thankful for as long as you realize what you have.

No matter what you or your kids are thankful for this Thanksgiving, I hope you can all take a minute to talk about it and really appreciate the good things in life!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What do your kids tell you they’re thankful for?


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