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Five things I learned from “Baking with the Cake Boss”

November 9, 2011 — , , , , , , ,

Buddy Valastro, better known as The Cake Boss, came to the Tennessee Theatre on Sunday to talk about his TV show, his life and his accomplishments in the baking world. He demonstrated cake decorating, had some fun games and some very interesting insights! Here are five unexpected and pretty silly things I learned while there:

5. Don’t try to get people to impersonate you while you’re in front of them. As part of Buddy Valastro’s act, when a contestant would come up on stage he would ask them to mimic him by trying to put on a New Jersey accent and saying, “Let’s do it Hoboken style, baby!” People, especially the children were very hesitant to say this, but the ones that did were funny and the little ones were cute! I guess Buddy will just have to be happy with the fact that people will undoubtedly mimic him later with their friends.

4. The fastest way to achieve diva (or divo) status: use your time wisely to get lots of exposure. Host a cake baking show, spend hours baking cakes each day, star on two other cooking shows, write two books, have a big family and drive around the country telling everyone about it. It sounds so… simple.

3. Don’t ask kids to decorate cupcakes; you’ll end up doing it yourself. Buddy had a group of children up on stage to decorate cupcakes in a competition. The kids couldn’t hold the huge piping bags so Buddy ended up having to help them all. The decorations sure were precious though!

2. Women who like Buddy LOVE Buddy T-shirts. Seriously, y’all. The line for T-shirts was out the door!!

1. You can have your cake… but let us eat it too. I was kind of sad that everyone didn’t get to eat cake at the show. A little disappointing but hey, now I know how my kids’ friends feel when they come over and we have no food in the house! LOL

Who is your favorite TV chef/baker?

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